Consumer Electronics Show 2017

1/3 - 1/7 2017

CES is one of the world's largest conferences; this year boasting 3,800 exhibiting companies and attended by over 165k people globally from Engineers all the way to business owners and executives. This year was a celebration of 50 years since the conference was first held, and these are my "top picks" from the conference in terms of innovation, display creativity, and cool factor. It was my first time attending CES... and Vegas too.

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Health and Wearables

Fitbit, CES 2017

Fitbit showed up in a big way this year, boasting their new workout companion Fitstar an and showing off a new fashion/designer line of bands on their already-modular Charge 2 fitness tracker. Their showcase was the first thing I ran into on Day 1.

Foxter Smartwatch

Foxter was part of the startup showcase at CES, sporting a few variations of their latest smartwatch. What makes theirs stand out is the unique classic style of it, rather than trying to be futuristic or gimmicky. The watch has a notification panel as well as a compass mode (in case you get lost on your hikes). It can also help you find your phone, connecting via Bluetooth.

The Inemotion Vest, winning innovation awards two years in a row.

A number of my friends ride bikes, so seeing innovation when it comes to bike safety and technology is cool to see and witness. The Inemotion vest is comfortable enough to wear while riding, and can reduce injury for bikers in otherwise dangerous collisions.

Reyedr Headsup Helmet

Reyedr's prototype model on display.

LG OLED Exhibit

The most immersive exhibit at CES 2017.